Thursday, August 11, 2005

the aesthetic ugliness in it's glory.

n this article i found in the web,
it seemed quite strange to me.
here's a drawing (on the left) that reminded me of a talented illustrator called Lopetz. knowing Egon Schiele's work before - there's always a surprise. this time was a work that is not very typical to Schiele, and i was sure it was Lopez's work until i saw the full article. anyway, now the illustrations in Lopez's site have been updated, so i have no concrete "evidence" to show you the resemblance.

anyway- never mind.

When i first saw Schiele's amazing drawings in books i was amazed and by the amount of power and the beautiful ugliness and sexual vulnerability that he embodies. Egon has left aside the perception of beauty cherished by the art-nouveau artist. he deliberately shows the ugliness at it's most beauty. under his brush, people are ugly, full of contempt and malice. they are distorted and rotten. their flesh is sucked and shrinked and their skin is almost a corpse like. they look vulnerable like kids, exposed to their bones, showing their true painful and childish body. showing their true passions and sexual being.
sexuality isn't repressed here - why should it, if its so beautiful?? he liberates it and shows it in it's ugly glory. what is really rotten is the general perception of beauty. we live, we feel, we die, and we are nothing but bones, flesh, blood, and feelings. natual. he shows the viewer the normality of a sexually driven man. his women are both repulsive and arousing. in a few flowing, dynamic, and jagged lines and sparse colors, Schiele is expressing more than a thousand words.

(the last one is lopetz's work)


Anonymous lilly said...

Egon Schiele dropped into my life pretty unexpectedly when I was 18 in a pretty weird chain of even in which one week I didn't know who he was and in the other, everywhere I went there were referent and art and talks about him. I had a big 70x100 poster a scary skinny girl with blazing eyes hanging over my bed all through my army service years, then I moved out and my sister took the poster. It was a gift from my high school boyfriend who was very tall and moody and had perfect Egon Schiele palms and face, and who, just like his portraits, looked sometimes beautiful and sometimes butt ugly.

I learned something very important about drawing from Egon Schiele, up until then I kept trying to free my hand, to let the lines seem effortless and fluid and not close forms, like Mattise or Picasso. Egon Schiele’s style taught me that I can use my broken line the why I look at forms to my advantage and that there's more then one perfect kind of drawing.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Zoop said...

Wow. Don't know how you found my blog but I searched after Lopetz and that work is magnificent. Thanx!

2:06 AM  
Blogger dark-forest said...

lilly -
you are so right. there are many beautiful styles.
it bothers me, by the way, that i have not started to illustrate. i meen - im drawing very good but i cant illustrate from the mind.

z00p- i just pressed on that "next blog" button. mostly i get spam blogs but i stumbled upon yours. and i didn't even know you like lopetz. :)

9:08 AM  
Anonymous lilly said...

Well, don't feel bad about it, I know I did, I don't have a visual memory to save my life and at some point my most admired illustration teacher told me "you should always draw from referent, you have no visual memory, and that’s your greatest advantage as an illustrator. You don't assume stuff or go into manyerizm cause you bother to look" and up until now, I follow that advice, everything I draw or paint is from photos or work of other artists.

I guess we can't choose out talents.

There are a lot of illustrators, espacialy aboard that follow the same approach to illustration, in Israel, cause illustrator earn very little money, there's a huge advantage in being able to produce images from your mind rather then having to do the research though with the Internet it's becoming more and more easy.

You don't have to know how to do everything, the 3 top people in my class in Betzalel didn't know how to illustrate at all and weren't even interested in finding out.

10:18 AM  

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