Sunday, August 07, 2005


This is the first page, in the story of Vendolusia.
imagine yourself a world that quietly lies on a turtle's back.
the weather is mostly foggy or rainy, and darkly forested. when you gaze in the sky, you can see heavy and dark clouds, widely colored with blue. when the sunset's time is coming, those clouds are filled with wonderful, warm, and inviting pastel colors.
rising to the top, massive grey and red mountains. so high are those mountains, that their tops are disappearing into the clouds. at the foot of the mountains grows a mighty forest. the dark green forest goes on and on, until you can't see it's end. The trees are mighty and strong, and their roots penetrate deep in the fertile soil, reaching to the turtle's heart.
there is also a sea in vendolusia. rough, turbulent, dark gray-colored and freezing. the breeze is harsh with the white Beach's shrubs.
when i walk alone, along the beaches, i can smell the salty smell of the ocean, and the cold breeze that whip my face as well as the shore-shrubs, is making my eyes tear.
although i live and lived there all my life, i still don't know most of it, and there are many paths to be discovered. sometimes i allow myself to go deeper into the unknown, sometimes I'm too afraid.


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The Chronicles of Vendolusia