Thursday, August 11, 2005


(Egon schiele - sitting-woman)

Well, i know my blog is not exactly the New-York-Post in terms of readers quantity, but if anyone cares - i fixed that thingie which prevented from people not enlisted to the BLOGGER, to comment.

there's something i really like in the European look (not the eastern European, but more western European). i like the pale skin. it reminds me of old Renaissance paintings of the European aristocracy. in my country, Israel, and in the western civilization, tan is considered a feature of higher socio-economic status, because a tanned man is considered wealthy enough to fly to expensive places like Hawaii. i don't like tans very much, and i try to avoid tanning and keeping my skin whiter (partly because I'm sensitive to the sun). in Thailand for example, as well as old cultures prior to the modern time - tan is regarded as a feature of lower socio-economic status, because a tanned man was probably a hard laboured farmer, who works at the field under the sun. this is why you could see Thai workers coming to work in farms in Israel. when they are out, they cover their faces and heads with hats and cloth, wear long sleeve clothes and put gloves on their hands. tanned people will have hard time marrying in Thai. recent studies has shown that ordinary skin, which is not too much tanned but has the right amount of sun exposure and vitamins, is healthier than tanned skin, and has less danger of developing cancered cells.

and now for something a Little different;
Although I'm now on a busy part of my life, including work, studying for a test and loosing weight, i wanted to talk about a subject quite close to my heart.
if i was to imagine my perfect woman, i would tell something like this:
(and if you need a soundtrack to this part, try "please" by "lamb")

"Somewhere, up north from my hot country, so north that the days end fast and the nights are not so black. where there are many green hills and the wind is sometimes lashing itself onto the rocks, there's a long wooden pier, that penetrates into the sea like a passionate tongue.
if you would walk along that pier on weekdays, you would usually hear the laughter of the families with their kids running about, and the parents walking by. you can smell the sea and the fish&chips shops, and see the couples kissing and laughing bashfully next to the fence, huddled together.
but this day, well, it's all closed, and it's cold, really cold. all you can hear now, is the squeaks of the old wooden beams, and the cries of the grey waves. the sea is quite turbulent, and the cold wind made all flee to their little houses, with their warm teas and their little dogs lying quietly near the fire places.

but She doesn't care. she stands there, moving her body quietly with the rhythm of the waves. she goes there when solitude is a wave too big to withstand.
she wears a long black coat and a thick striped scarf.
she has a red flowing hair, that has a motion like water pouring from a jar. whenever she moves her head, or when the wind is blowing, her long hair moves smoothly with the loose threads of the scarf, and releases a faint smell of flowers that hush the salty smell in one's mouth.
her skin is pale, very pale, and she has a freckled, delicate, almost fragile mask of jade eyes, and a deep sad look pointed to the horizon, seeking, waiting. her eyes are constantly stretching afar, tracking a faint signal in the distance, then lowering them self in a moment of lost hope, scratching the wooden floor. then she returns to watch hopefully at the horizon. maybe one day, one bright day, a ship with white linen sails will carry her loved one within it's bowels."



Anonymous Lilly said...

It's funny how fashion can be so socio-economic retaliated, same goes for body fat, you know, during baroque and rococo period and even before, full figure women were considered high fashion cause that symbolize that they had enough money to eat, nowadays being slim means you have time and money to eat properly and effort a gym membership, so that's the fashion.

I don't get really sun tan either I go from yellowish white to yellowish pink and sometimes if I'm lucky to yellowish beige. But that's not really impressive.

That Image bank photo of the girl in the red hair reminded me of something, I'll try to find it and send it to you.

11:50 PM  
Blogger dark-forest said...

Lilly, yea you'r right! i dont have problems attracting to full women. im not attracted to fat women, but im very tolerant on the fat thing in general. i found that i have a very diffrent taste, because super models, for example is not my peak of attraction. for me, the first thing that turns me on is the inteligence of a woman, and her look is important but only second to intelligence.

thank you for that amazing photo. have i told you that you are amazing?

6:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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12:13 PM  
Anonymous Florentine said...


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12:14 PM  

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