Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Day of the Zombie

Woke up at the morning. the sun is shining and the birds started their gospel in the humid air. "hhoooaaaaaae..." i was yawning in full throttle. Oh gosh, i feel so tired. there's so much to do, and i have so little time. i would be glad if the day had five more hours or so, so i can sleep like a normal human being and have more PHUN.
eeeeh, who am i kidding. if the day 29 hours, i would probably use about 24 hours to write/paint/read/walk/watch tv/ fill in the blank.

I fell like a zombie. my eyes look like someone pressed them deep into my eye sockets and sucked them out with a vacuum cleaner. the day that I'll understand how to organize my time and not linger over things (sometimes stupid, sometimes productive) is the day I'll be happy.

i walked to the work, hearing Turin Brakes - Jackinabox. when i got there, i turned the air conditioner on and wrote a long email. when i was about to add my signature, BANG - blackout. i go outside and see a guy on a scooter with a Electricity Company hat, holding a strange device that looks like a very old and big calculator. they unplugged the electricity in my employers home, and the problem is that we work in his home. therefor: we had no place to work, other than our home (just when the newspaper im designing is getting finalized).
my boss is a complete no good. he is bankrupt and he keeps raising his bills by doing every stupid thing a man can think about. i havn't got the salary of last month. the only reason that i continue working under this jerk is that I'm about to end a whole tourist newspaper i gave my soul to design, and even if he wouldn't pay, i'd still have that newspaper as a portfolio. i need that newspaper more than i need the salary, although some money would be nice getting in addition. yea.

because things are shitty, i took an extra shitty job. now I'm a freelance sex-flash-banners designer. i design small banners for sex site with a link to escort services phones. i use some words like HOT, THROBBING, ONLY EIGHTEEN, etc... yee ordinary fairytale intro.

it's shitty, and the work as well, but at least i can get some money and that should close that overdraft.

most of my money is going to medications and the heavy college payments. i was planning to please my material needs by buying myself some art books, maybe some clothes. but i guess i won't. i would concentrate, as i always did from when i started the design studies, on enjoying from the simple things. the simple joys like painting, hugging someone who loves you, creating something, and maybe getting some money.

if it weren't to the Soulseek i would be a sad(der) man. music is my soul food, and without it - i
wither. for me, the Soulseek is a culture revolution for the money-flow challenged. my life has changed since i started downloading, because i can really concentrate on the beauty of music rather the beauty of the album cover and the hole it makes on my wallet. if it weren't to Soulseek, i would still spend too much money for Cd's.

i spent all day working at home. but that not all peaches:
at noon the fucking plumber got earlier than what agreed. we called him so he'll take care of my walls that looked like the developed a strange wall decease very similar to smallpox. pipes leaking inside the wall= paint rots and peels=blisters all over the walls.
he came and made a special deafening noise so i can work peacefully. it's know that high decibel construction drones can really contribute to the work environment and improve the production.

at the end of the this noisy root canal surgery yee olde plumbee did to the walls and pipes, i ended up with a hole in my room. yea - my room, the only private place and refuge i currently have (live with my parents) - has a hole. it has a door, it has a wall, but there's a whole hole in my wall!! (rhyme for a poor man), which apparently kills my chance to get some fucking privacy. and my privacy is one of the most important possessions. the hole is a watermelon size, with a nice view to the living room. i should take money from all the peepers (maybe it will kill the overdraft). the plumbee says the fluids from the broken pipes will dry in about a week.
a week.
I'm so thrilled. now i have to jerk off at parks and public toilets because my room is an architectural exhibition.

and with this literary Finale,
i bid thee farewell, and go to do some exercise.


Blogger Akasha said...

shitty banner job for porno sites? that is so fucking cool man! hahahaha!!! can i write there??? are they in need of writers? please? please?

6:45 AM  
Blogger dark-forest said...

Love ya Deity!!!
thanks for the offer, but i think the site's needs are more phisycal... it's for escourt service :P
BUT if you have some ideas for short things like
1. The neighbour's horse
2. so sweet
3. call now!!!

be my guest. i have a writing block when it comes to this, so go ahead. :)

1:32 PM  
Blogger Danielle said...

DUDE! You live in Israel? And you design banners for sex sites?! I wish I had that job... I could come up with all kinds of stuff. So, what IS that thing on your profile... is it a plant that grows in the Middle East? It looks like a tri-furcate penis to me. :)) TRI-FURCATE... got it out of a book about witches.. something about the devil have a two-pronged cock, but your profile has three.

3:47 PM  
Blogger dark-forest said...

haha! you girls made me feel somewhat better about it all :)

that thing is my logotype. it's made out of two hebrew letters (my initials) and it's suppose to really show growth, like a tree, which is a feeling i have about myself.

LOL you made me laugh.that's so cool, those witches legends. if i weren't an aetheist, i would probably be a male witch :)
three peanuses! and hey - tree = "wood" right? well - it's a tri-"wood".

12:09 PM  

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