Monday, September 26, 2005

Paper Hunting and House Cleaning

I went last Friday with a friend for some paper hunting. a paper hunting is just a search for some cool, cheep, and interesting papers, that can be found in old books and magazines. you just have to go to yee local flee market. if you'll go and search for stuff at the passages and trailers, you'll find that things are unreasonably high. but if you'll go to the "slum" areas of the flee market, where sellers spread their contents on the floor, you could find cool stuff very cheaply.

i have a craze for stuff from the 40's-70's, stuff with a distinct nostalgic feeling of Israel's first days. like for instance, old memorabilia, empty glass medicine jars, cool pottery. in my last visit i bought two "Sifoulux" (soda siphon bottles).

anyway i started the day in Tel Aviv and walked along "Levinsky" street, taking pictures with a stills Pentax camera of the shoelaces and shoes stands. the street's sights and it's colorful people. i met her near her apartment, and so we went.

the day was hot, so hot i ended with a skin burn. im so sun sensitive. i bought a fruit beverage, and then we just entered into the market, sucking ourselves into this interesting nostalgic reality.

we took a break from the heat, and entered into a space that is seldom being used as a gallery space. the only good things i can say about the exhibition that took place there, was that we were there together (which is a fun thing on it's own), and that it had a mineral water stand for visitors. we quenched our thirst and returned into that world.

all the way we saw old records, books, cool stuff we didn't need and talked about the creative possibilities we can have with these materials.
i paper hunted two hard leather (or fake one) cover books (one bible with unknown Hebrew type and the other red leather cover Portuguese book ),
one old but mint conditioned album that can used as a portfolio (with black pages),
one book about Gustave Dore's drawings,
and finally - one gorgeous (about a fist size) pea green pottery vase from the 60's. it's so cute and small, and it was all too cheep. i think i spent more money on beverages in that hot day than on the actual stuff i bought.

we parted after that cool hangout, and i carried my way home with all the luggage. i looked at the clock and i read that I've been walking for 4 hours. good for me. later that week, i found i managed to actually loose 1 kilo this week due to this and my long efforts to be a good dietary boy. yeepie!!

when returning home i decided to execute the cleanup. this process is a one that i have been dealing and deciding with myself and in therapy for a long time. i felt suffocated with too much big stuff i purchased over the years taking place in my room and finally i gathered some mental strength to do so.
in the recent years i started buying less and less. i rarely buy for myself nowadays, because i understand that i have all the music I'd ever need, and also that my large acquisitions (like art books or stuff i don't need) were basically a disguise, a compensation for other needs that are not fulfilled. over the years i notice i find myself strangled with too much stuff in my tiny room, and it was hard throwing because first i had a hard time to admit my mistakes, and secondly, my family gave me a hard time when i was willing to throw stuff.

i threw
- two didgeridoo's
- 1 African wooden bow and 12 arrows in a round bag covered with goat skin and fur
- 1 bomb shell from "Yom Hakipurim" war (70's)my uncle Bright as a war spoil
- 1 large wooden mask (meter height)
- 1 large wooden mask
- an old "Kinori" radio from the 30's. bad condition...
- 1 rain tube (bamboo cane with tiny sticks pasted inside. when you put little corns there, and close the lid, the corns fall and hit the sticks and make a rain noise.
- 1 wooden standing budha figure
- 2 large strikingly below average quality speakers, that my father promised me he'll fix and attach to my computer so i'll be able to hear music with speakers.

when i threw stuff, people from my family started interfering, telling me i should have done this or that, calling me hasty. i don't want those things, and for all i care I'd love to give them away, but property loss is a hard thing for my family to grasp, and my little brother offered that we'll sell them in a flea market in one of those free Fridays i have. directly I said - i don't have a free friday, my fridays are a precious commodity. it should be strictly dedicated for FUN. and believe me - i saw those flea markets sellers sweat the Niagra Falls under that hot Israely sun, until someone bought something. i don't want to waste a Friday on this. but i was too weak to argue, so i lowered all those stuff, packed, to the lower shelter in my building. theoretically, my brother wants to sell them. but i know that now it's sealed and shut forever. and it won't go into my room again.

I'm quite happy about my paper hunt loot, because they take little space, and most of them are consumable.
like for instance - when i woke up in the morning i found my beloved dog ate a part of the fucking leather cover of the red Portuguese book that i bought in the paper hunt. i bought it because i liked the cover and wanted to use it. and now it has a hole. yet another hole to my collections.


Anonymous lilly said...

That was a pretty successful day, I'm using those tea cups all the time now and I really like them (the scary fish plates are still unused, but that's cause I didn't eat at home all week...)

You lost a kilo from that walk? Cool, I wish I could loose weight that fast, I walk a lot but it doesn't seem to make me loose any weight what so ever.

Funny how stuff that made us feel good the moment we buy it can make us feel burdened a month later.

3:44 PM  
Blogger dark-forest said...

im glad you are using those dishes. remember when you said you wouldn't eat from them? and then i suggested some alchohole disinfection.
i lost a killo not only from that walk but from other walks and a big effort to stay clean of eating shit. :)
yea, it is funny. that's why im glad i didn't bought something drastic, but small, consumable stuff.

3:59 PM  

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