Saturday, October 01, 2005

Press Release

Thursday. i woke up and knew that that day is a beginning of something new, exciting, and scary. for three months i have been toiling over the designing of a 96 color-pages newspaper for incoming tourists in English. this was my first work in this magnitude, and obviously i was quite scared of messing up the whole work. during the work i have learned so many things in designing and print production.

i can't even count the numerous working hours, over times and fights with my brother and my parents that were experienced along the process. at the end of the design process all i can say that most of it was worth it, that i need some rest but overall i want more.

to my joy, my parents flied to Prague, leaving me to rest quietly before the hard and stressing parts of the printing experience.

when making the newspaper i got a job that's normally done by an entire studio. i was an art director, a designer, and a production assistant. i was even an editor for a little bit, because our editor was such a bad worker that always tried to make shortcuts and do as much work as possible. i got assistance from a freelancer woman who helped a lot, in designing and production, but in some stage, she just couldn't take any more pressure (and indeed there was) and cried to me on the telephone that she's quitting and that we are making too much pressure on her. later i was told that she had a hard time lately. oh well. i hope she feels better now, but i won't like her to be my assistant on the next issue.

there were so many things i have forgot from the time i learned in a print production school three years ago, and i had to learn it all over again. i didn't learn to make the final files closure of the files until a Wednesday.

in Thursday i was due to print the final test before the grand finale. in Hebrew, the name for the test is "heetek shemesh" (meaning "sun copy"), but I'm not sure what's the name in English. this test is a low quality print, that is printed (in the print house), cropped, bonded, arranged together and placed just like the final result should look like, so the designer (in this case - myself) could see how it all looks and to find mistakes.

i drove to "Hish" printing house in the industrial area in Hulon city. on the way i played songs on "shuffle" mode, fishing some good songs along the way. the disadvantage in shuffle is that songs are lost forever if you don't write them, as the mp3 screen doesn't show the folder the song is in. if the album details are in the file they are presented, but otherwise it's a tricky thing. i remember many good songs that are now virtually untraceable.

Mercury Rev's new album is cool, and especially that touching Across Yer Ocean.
sage Francis sends me a bomb threat over a voice machine, seasoned with the best profanity a man can think of, alongside a beautiful sampling of a happy optimistic music, played in the background.
and for dessert -

A song called "Lost property" by "The Devine comedy". it was from Orbital's "Back to Mine" album (they have a good taste)
at first i thought it was Travis, as the singers sounds the same (they do, in a Tom Yorkish kind of way).
in that song the singer describes a list of inventory, a lost property, but he does that in a way that every single item seems to have a deep and profound meaning, a sad memory for each object. it's one of the most amazing song i had the chance to bump into.

anyway - back to reality..
In my hands laid the precious cd's with the newspaper files. i bothered last night to burn the "post script" files as well as the PDF files, just to make sure i have a backup plan if the PDF files turn bad. i tend to be very scared and cautious in my work. if i think of it, the print designing for me is a scary thing. so much things could go wrong. it could be your mistake and it could be just a temporary error that dropped out of the sky just when you were closing files for print. it could be that you forgot to do this or that, or just wasn't too concentrated. that's why i tend to relate to the files as ticking bomb, and almost everything should be thurally checked. alltogether - you have to love your files too. like a child. you have to tend for them , make sure that everything is ok, treat them in a gentle, kind and patient way, to listen to their errors.

as always, this kind of event comes in a pressing time. new year's eve is very close and we want to start the print ASAP because there are many tourists now.
if the newspaper succeeds, more advertising areas will be sold, and that meens that i'll finally get my godamn sallary. my boss has no money to pay me and i only stayd because this newspaper is important to my portfolio, and for a faint promise of a sallary. and you think your bosses are stupid.

i walked into the print house and gave the files to the production assistant, while making sure the files are OK and good to go and i also gave my phone number, should anything go wrong. the pre-production department manager said that the test should be ready at 12:00 o'clock. sadly, i had no where to go. it was pointless returning to work, because by the time I'd come I'll have to go back. i couldn't even go to my grandma (from my father's side) and step grandfather because i was told by my boss that the work could end faster so i should stick around.
it was after all, a dusty and rotten industrial area. what the hell could i do for three hours? i told myself that a creative man can occupy himself in the most boring places. so i took my camera and took pictures of the interesting and rotting parts.
i returned in 11:00 o'clock to the print house, only to find out that nothing started, because the manager didn't bother to notify me or my boss that the work stopped. the print house owner gave no permission because of money problems. one of my bosses, a very stupid man, failed to make sure things are ok, and on the other hand the manager didn't notify me. i was a little bit angry because time was precious.

the good thing is that earlier that day i nagged that blockhead boss to move his ass and come around and maybe hasten the production so i can get it , make some changes and send the final result to them. so he was around and fixed the problem, and the test was due to get finalised in 14:00. bummer.

i said to myself - fuck it, and i went eating at my grand mother's nursing home. all of the time i called to make sure things are moving and there are no further problems.
when i asked my grandma if there's enough food or should we eat out, she said in a very polish way - "there's enough. come!"

i got back to the print house, hungry because my grandma and step grandfather are used to eat food that will only fill a bird's stomach with a galon of oil for every food crumb. gladly, i found out that the work was almost complete.

i returned to work, made the corrections and sent the files in a cd (because there were too much to just send in email) via one of my unreliable bosses.

it's now the weekend, and i relax and then i refuse to relax. pressing and releasing. there's just too much that can go wrong. what if they will replace the wrong pages, what if my boss fails to give them the files. should i go and give it myself? should i have sent the whole files instead of just those pages that needed corrections?

i feel (and there is much diffrence off course) that print is like delivering a baby. on the mother's view - you've done all you can, and now comes a painfull experience that could go wrong. on the father's view - you walk around from side to side and there isn't much to do but to feel anxious and to smoke another one (but i don't even smoke). i know i should watch out for what's coming and see if there are colors missing or something, but im not sure what i need to say.
it's all so new. i don't know what to do. my first child.

Sunday will probably be the day of the final battle. the pawns are ready.


Anonymous Deity said...

"sun copy" could mean "mock-up print"? well, basing on the way that you described the process,that should be the proper English term. unless of course, there is a more appropriate.

11:23 AM  
Blogger dark-forest said...

Mock up!!
your good deity! very good :)
suddenly i remember my work in a studio a few years ago...

3:41 PM  
Blogger ty bluesmith said...

thanks for stopping by, YO.

the best part of blogging is the international communication aspect, i believe.

if you're on lilly's links, i'll be reading. :)

12:42 PM  
Anonymous deity said...

yep. "mock-up" is the term we used in the magazine for those pre-publication stuff. actually, am not much of the techie part of the magazine printing. i dont know much except - write articles. hehhehehe...good thing, i remember that term. my editor used to say a lot: "finish the article now, we need to do the mock-up print asap!!!"

5:38 PM  
Blogger dark-forest said...

tblue thanks for stopping by too. :) your most def invited. nice photos!

deity - heh yea i think it is mock up. thanks. the good thing in english blogging is that i can brush up my english and know many new words. what did you do when you were in a magazine?

11:33 PM  
Anonymous deity said...

i was a contributing editor in this local Filipino shopping magazine. oh, i loved that job. shopping around for free. LOl! checking out and writing about the latest fad and getting freebies along the way. Hahahah!!! too bad, i had to come here and give it all up.

i still get to that here in korea, but not much anymore, as it is just now a write for free stuff. something that i do whenever i feel like doing so. and there are no freebies anymore. sad. just movie coupons for those write-ups about the latest fashion, coolest bars and restaurants. and it's for english teachers' website. no magazine. they wont hire me because i don't have the proper working visa which really really sucked. but it's alright. at least, i get to write in my 3 blogsites. and i get to meet cool people like you and lilly. that's a lot more fun. LOl!

see u around man!

world peaceeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

7:33 AM  

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